Monday, April 8, 2013

Play Ball!

Today was my first real challenge in vegan eating. It was the Royal’s home opener and hot dog day at work. An email went out announcing that the food was ready. I cautiously made my way to the break room and slinked around the food table. I navigated my way through the containers of cookies, platters overflowing with brownies, bowls of cheese dip, and creamy pasta salad. It was not looking promising. Then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted it…the crock pot full of vegan hot dogs!!! I was elated that I would have something to put on my plate besides baby carrots. With dog in tow, I went back to get a bun, and that’s where things went south. The buns had dairy. Fail. I have to give my company props for including the vegan dogs, but they do lose a few points for not having an appropriate hot dog vessel.

And the verdict on vegan Tofurky hot dogs you ask?

Taste – Pretty close to an actual hot dog, but very salty.
Texture – There was a skin of some sort around it which made it difficult to cut through with my plastic fork. Almost resembled a brat more than a hot dog. Inside, the texture was more mushy than meaty, but was palatable.
Overall – With a bun, this would be an excellent substitute for a hot dog or brat. I’ll probably keep some on hand this summer for all of the cook outs we’ll be attending. In terms of health, I’m trying to stay away from anything processed for my migraines, so this will not be an everyday eat.


  1. I don't like hearing about the "skin." It kind of grossed me out. I also didn't realize dairy was considered bad...I mean I get it, but I don't :) So much to learn about your vegan life!

    1. You know what else grosses me out? Thinking about what is really in hot dogs! I'll post in the future about vegan vs. vegetarian, the health benefits are quite interesting! And I'm still learning too!